TekTracking is modernizing the North American rail industry

Technical excellence and innovation are our hallmarks in this journey


Linear Asset Management Platform


Remote Condition Monitoring in Real-Time


Linear Asset Collection & Inventory Service

TRACS Enterprise

Train & Crew Scheduling and Roster Optimizer

Perfect Launchpad for Rail Supply Companies

Expert consultancy and support to enter the North American market.

Winning Sales Strategy

We understand how to navigate the complex selling environment of the rail industry and generate orders to grow top line and bottom line results for our clients.

Customization for North American Market

Our team will evaluate all marketing and sales collateral and provide feedback about preparation for delivering to North American prospects.

Product Efficiency Assessment

TekTracking works with a qualified team of engineers who specialize in North American railroad-oriented projects. We leverage this team to ensure that your product efficiently integrates with current NA practices.

Product Development Support

TekTracking has an extended team of product development experts to support the entire product development process from inception to delivery.

About TekTracking

TekTracking is an Asset Management Technology Provider servicing passenger and freight rail operators throughout North America. Our products and solutions address asset management issues universally faced by railway operators. Through strategic relationships with “Best-in-Class” technology developers, TekTracking has assembled a comprehensive solution set to meaningfully reduce railroad operating costs. TekTracking provides solutions focused on reducing costs attributed to 2/3’s of a railroad’s operating budget.

See Our Latest Innovation: Safety Light Monitor (Patent Pending)