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Track Inspection, Maintenance Planning and Scheduling System

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Linear Asset Collection and Inventory System

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Connected Crossing

Monitor Grade Crossings with Connected Crossing Technology

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Market Entry Services


Expert consultancy and support to enter the North American market.

Winning Sales Strategy

We understand how to navigate the complex selling environment of the rail industry and generate orders to grow top line and bottom line results for our clients.

Product Efficiency Assessment

TekTracking works with a qualified team of engineers who specialize in North American railroad-oriented projects. We leverage this team to ensure that your product efficiently integrates with current NA practices.

Customization for North American Market

Our team will evaluate all marketing and sales collateral and provide feedback about preparation for delivering to North American prospects.

Product Development Support

TekTracking has an extended team of product development experts to support the entire product development process from inception to delivery.

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Our experiences with innovation and how upcoming technology will enhance railroading

Year 2019: Partnerships Recap

This is the second part of our blog looking back at milestones that we achieved during 2019. Our proudest achievements are only possible with our partners, so here is a recap of the key partnerships made or strengthened during this ...


Year 2019: Product Development Milestones

2019 was an incredible growth year at TekTracking, packed with accomplishments and learning experiences. As we reflect on 2019 and summarize our accomplishments the two words that come to mind are “Partnerships & Product Development” as they capture succinctly how ...


Safety Benefits of Linear Asset Management

Safety is the front and center of the technology innovations in the railroad industry. Most companies spend millions on enhancing and introducing safety features into their solutions annually. In this post we’ll discuss 3 ways that a smart linear asset ...


3 Ways to Overcome Resistance to Technology Change

Linear Asset Management Solutions provide huge benefits to railroad companies in terms of increased efficiency, safety, and reliability. If your company is still weighing the options for updating or augmenting your existing Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) system with Linear Asset ...