Asset Management Solutions

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Ground Electrical Isolation Monitors

Do you spend an excessive amount of your rail operations budget on power supply diagnostics and maintenance? Do you still face occasional failure despite religiously performing scheduled maintenance? Ground Electrical Isolation Monitor is the solution for you.


Infrastructure Asset Monitors

Does your maintenance department plan for unexpected wayside equipment failure? Do you have any tool for failure prediction? Explore our broad range of infrastructure asset monitors to make equipment failure predictable and preventable.


Human and Rolling Stock Asset Monitors

Can you imagine your operation being able to streamline train scheduling, crew management, and roster optimization in one holistic suite of tools? Try TRACS Enterprise to realize that imagination today.


Safety Light Monitors

If you are not monitoring and maintaining your signal lights around the clock… can you rely on them? A momentary malfunction – occurring between the weekly scheduled maintenance cycles – can lead to a loss of crossing protection. Safety Light Monitor (SLM) is the solutions.


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