Commander Yard Automation System

Yard Automation with Modern Non-proprietary Technology

Commander Yard Automation System provides the latest technology solution for monitoring, troubleshooting, and controlling yard operations. The system is designed with two key objectives: to enhance the safety and efficiency of the yard operations.

One distinguishing feature of this system is its non-proprietary technology. Our decades of experience in railroad industry means that we know the impact of undue costs of maintaining proprietary control systems on railroads. It is from this basis that TekTracking team has designed an open-source control and communication architecture that could be easily supported by trained railroad personnel, without the constant reliance on the system provider. The Commander Yard Automation system is simple to set up and maintain and includes sophisticated software to assist in network maintenance and troubleshooting. This way, the railroad companies can maintain their yard operations, safely, efficiently, and by using their in-house resources. For ongoing maintenance and support, TekTracking will provide a client portal to record trouble tickets generated by the railroads.


The TekTracking Commander Control System will address the following areas of the yard:

  • Switch Machine & Switch Protection
  • Radio Network
  • Switch Control Tablets
  • Soft Control Panel



  • Modern non-proprietary radio network that includes system management software for advanced troubleshooting capabilities.
  • Field-proven, Ethernet-based switch machine controllers utilizing industrial protocol with rich machine analytics and event reports.
  • Lightweight, sunlight-readable tablets to initiate switch/route alignment by field operators, for a more flexible operation.
  • Next-generation Office Control System, CTA (Commander Terminal Automation), the latest technology available

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