Connected Crossing

TekTracking’s Connected Crossing contains multiple diverse sensors to measure, compare, and verify all aspects of proper crossing operation. Working with a Class One Railroad we have developed a product suite to monitor proper operation of the grade crossing’s electronic controller, relays, track circuits and the viewability of the crossing gates and warning lights from motorists’ point of view.

External Crossing Sensors (Outside Signal Bungalow)

Safety Light Monitor

Safety Light Monitor (SLM)

The SLM is a multi-sensor device designed to monitor the integrity of a safety light from the perspective of an external viewer of the light. The SLM is equipped with five sensors specifically chosen to remotely mimic the periodic inspection of safety lights. This device mounts under the sun shield of any signal or crossing warning light.

Gate Light Monitor

Gate Light Monitor (GLM)

The GLM mounts on the crossing gate pole and monitors the gate position while in transition. Once the gate is activated, the GLM automatically detects the two flashing lights and the single steady light on the gates. If any one of the lights does not operate per specification, the GLM will generate an alarm message to the signal maintainer. Multiple GLM video feeds can be stitched together to achieve a 360° view.

Gate Light Monitor Demo

Sensors Inside Signal Bungalow

Edge Image Processor (EIP)

The EIP is the brain on the edge of the network that interprets all images generated by SLM and GLM. The machine learning technology within the EIP allows local interpretation of video images for the purpose of detecting and alarming on anomalies.

Crossing Serial Port Interpreter (S-LX)

The S-LX is used to monitor the vital crossing processor. Many modern crossing processors store operational data that can only be accessed via the maintainer’s laptop. The S-LX mimics the laptop communication protocol and automatically pulls data from the vital controller. The data is then directed over the railroad’s network to CENTRIX.

Bus Bar and Insulation Monitor (SA380-IT)

It is the Bus Bar monitoring and insulation testing device designed to replicate the required manual periodic ground testing.

Digital Storage Oscilloscope (SA380-TX)

The SA380-TX captures discrete digital events and analog waveforms from track circuits, relays, motors, etc. The status of the collected information is communicated over the network to CENTRIX.

CENTRIX Analytics Engine

CENTRIX collects field data from various sources and analyzes it for indications of anomalous performance.

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