Track inspection, maintenance, planning and scheduling as a part of linear asset management

Linear Asset Management Platform: A Suite of Apps for Railroads

Railroads have a unique challenge at their hands: managing linear assets instead of traditional asset inventories. It’s only logical that they use a specialized system to manage and maintain the geographically dispersed assets instead of using the systems made for managing assets stored in a warehouse. That’s the birthplace of the idea of creating specific apps for each type of linear asset that make up a typical railroad asset inventory. This custom-built Linear Asset Management Platform (LAMP) takes care of the unique requirements of railroad assets and makes it easier to attain a State of Good Repair for all critical assets. Here we will discuss some of the most significant challenges that the individual apps within LAMP solve.

Track Inspection Maintenance and Planning System (TIMPS)

TIMPS is the first app developed and deployed in LAMP ecosystem. As it addresses the challenges of the biggest asset for any railroad, the track, therefore it is prioritized first in the LAMP. TIMPS facilitates the entire railroad company to shift their focus from firefighting track maintenance issues to proactively plan safety compliance within their operations.

TIMPS connects all stakeholders responsible for track maintenance through an easy to use interface that relays information to and from a centralized server. The track inspectors log and report the latest maintenance status to the server via TIMPS mobile app. The centralized server provides a complete picture of the track maintenance status to decision makers in track department.

Signal, Crossing, and Bridge Inspection Apps

There are huge opportunities to improve safety compliance, profitability, and customer satisfaction that railroads can tap by facilitating individual railroad departments to share critical information in a secure, timely manner. We are working on two fronts: digitizing asset management in the individual departments and secondly building a system to share critical asset information within a railroad.

Our connected crossing system includes a patent-pending safety light monitor (SLM) to provide an automatic method for remote sensing, collecting, analyzing, and reporting real time data reflecting performance of safety lights, including train control signal lights and grade crossing warning lights. SLM, consisting of sensor system and image processing with data analytics, will automatically generate and communicate maintenance alerts if lights malfunction.

Overarching Principle of LAMP: Breaking the Data Silos

Linear Asset Management Platform (LAMP) is built with the vision of providing a suite of custom applications for streamlining track, signal, bridge, and crossing inspection and maintenance. In addition to the data sharing among all apps within the suite, the platform also addresses the need to interface with other asset management systems.

LAMP uses cross-departmental data to break down data silos within the railroad, streamlining the efforts of all departments towards achieving a State of Good Repair. Combine that with the ability to combine machine-generated data with the manually collected data and we get an exhaustive view of asset health. We use Centrix ­­- a hosted software platform – to provide a centralized environment for storing, accessing, and processing acquired data from assets within LAMP ecosystem. Accessible through any modern web browser, Centrix provides advanced graphical replay, analysis, and fault detection capabilities for the assets under monitoring.

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