Linear Asset Management Platform (LAMP)


LAMP is a platform of independent, yet integrated mobile applications focused on identifying, scheduling, inspecting and maintaining fixed and linear assets deployed throughout the railroad operation.

These valuable railroad assets include the rail track and roadbed, and all buildings and equipment constructed across the rail alignment and required to support safe train operations.

Most asset types are required by government regulations to be inspected and maintained on a scheduled basis and LAMP assembles digitized reports from each inspection and maintenance activity for future analysis.

Many of these railroad assets are inspected by automatic health monitoring machines. LAMP utilizes CENTRIX as the central repository and data analytics engine for all sensor generated data. This provides inspection and maintenance teams a visualization tool to view historical records in conjunction with real time operating information.

LAMP Ecosystem

LAMP includes customized mobile apps such as TIMPS to match and enforce railroad inspection and maintenance requirements within several operational support groups including track, signal, crossings, power, bridges & structures, and communications.

In addition, LAMP also includes innovative applications such as Linear Asset Collection and Inventory System. This is a unique video-based asset mapping service focused on providing an accurate, comprehensive, evidence-based inventory of all railroad and transit system physical assets, including critical rail and roadbed linear assets.

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