Linear Asset Collection & Inventory Service

Video Based Linear Asset Collection and Management Service

LACI is a video-based asset mapping service focused on providing an accurate, comprehensive, evidence-based inventory of all railroad and transit system physical assets, including critical rail and roadbed linear assets.  As a service, TekTracking and Gioconda technicians will ride the rails and videotape the entire rail alignment. After consulting with the rail operator or agency, we will develop a list of all assets deemed necessary to track, inspect and maintain. Our technicians will post-process the video, analyzing each frame for the presence of an asset of interest. We will tag each asset type with meta-data including Original Equipment Manufacturer, date of install, detailed description of equipment including drawings, specifications, requirements, and exact geo-spatial location of the asset.

The deliverable to the end user is the entire catalogued asset collection, with high resolution video of the rail infrastructure with documented location of each asset. This valuable information will reside on a central server and will be accessible to all authorized users through Gioconda’s proven G-RAST viewing and measurement tool.

The video repository provides benefits above and beyond asset collection and inventory. It greatly improves railroad’s internal and external communications, safety, and worker efficiency. Since any authorized employee may access the archives, we have seen use cases for driver and employee training, virtual surveying and measuring of trackside components, discussing engineering requirements regarding the trackside from the desktop, and as critical part of any safety briefing providing team members situational awareness prior to entering the track.

Key Benefits

  • Rail and other linear assets are logically segmented and uniquely identified as individual assets
  • Every asset on your infrastructure can be viewed in relation to other nearby assets
  • Searchable video links visual location information with all relevant records including:

• Safety Planning and Procedures

• Design Planning including future builds with 3D image overlay

• Inspection and maintenance including geometry machine and manual inspection reports

  • Documented linear asset management improves internal and external communication
  • Reduces the need to send workers on track to survey a location or situation
  • Repeatable asset measurements from within the safety of your office
  • Provides the base data for Signal Sighting and Driver Briefing
  • Built-in calculations for signalling design

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