Asset Management Solutions

A New Era of Technology-Empowered Rail Operations

Linear Asset Management Platform

LAMP is a platform of independent, yet integrated mobile applications focused on identifying, scheduling, inspecting and maintaining fixed and linear assets deployed throughout the railroad operation.


Remote Condition Monitoring

TekTracking and MPEC deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for wayside asset monitoring, and a proven adoption model to implement a predictive maintenance strategy. Our products and services support your entire maintenance team with real-time insight into equipment state of good repair for all monitored assets.


Linear Asset Collection and Inventory Services

TekTracking and Gioconda provide LACI, a video-based asset mapping service focused on providing an accurate, comprehensive, evidence-based inventory of all railroad and transit system physical assets, including critical rail and roadbed linear assets.  As a service, our technicians will videotape and catalog all assets along the rail alignment.


TRACS Enterprise

TRACS Enterprise is a complete suite of Automation Tools with following components: a sophisticated rolling stock schedule editor and reporting tool with supporting automation of processes, a fully automated base roster optimizer, and a production-standard software for driver and train crew scheduling.


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