TRACS Enterprise: A Complete Suite of Automation Tools

  • Rolling Stock Automation

  • Roster Optimization

  • Crew Scheduling

TRACS-RS: the Rolling Stock Automation Tool

TRACS-RS is a sophisticated rolling stock schedule editor and reporting tool with supporting automation of processes. It’s easy to get started with TRACS-RS due to integration with 3rd party timetable planning tools and direct export of rolling stock schedules into TrainTRACS. In addition, it also has features such as platform overhang detection and fuel distance calculations.

Key Benefits

  •  Transfer required data seamlessly with easy import options
  •  Eliminate planning errors with automated processes
  •  Automate the reporting to save time spent in analysis
  •  Reduce the overall process time

TRACSRoster: Roster Optimization System

Tracsis’ TRACSRoster is a fully automated base roster optimizer which takes crew diagrams and creates an efficient base roster taking into account all rostering rules of a given train operating company. With a better view of information, you can eliminate excess roster lines and excess rest days.

Key Benefits

  •  Save time and resources by creating Rosters in minutes – not weeks
  •  Automate spare turn placement optimizing
  •  Ensure complete legality of rosters
  •  Assess time and cost implications of possible changes to the roster within minutes

TrainTRACS: Crew Scheduling System

TrainTRACS is production-standard software for driver and train crew scheduling. It allows you to create optimal crew diagrams from rolling stock schedules and also accounts for route and traction knowledge. You may use multi-depot and multi-link provision capping on driver and shift types per depot. It also offers specialized tools for maximizing efficiency and performance.

Key Benefits

  •  Ensure that all shifts are controlled, minimized, and legal
  •  Optimize labor costs with efficient schedules
  •  Manage short-notice changes to schedules

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