Remote Condition Monitoring (RCM)

TekTracking and MPEC deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for wayside asset monitoring, and a proven adoption model to implement a predictive maintenance strategy. Our products and services support your entire maintenance team with real-time insight into equipment state of good repair for all monitored assets.

Remote Condition Monitoring utilizes remotely located sensors and event recorders to collect real-time operational data and communicate this data to CENTRIX for future analysis. We support a variety of sensors, all of which interface to MPEC’s multi-channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope (SA380-TX).

Complete end-to-end RCM solution includes:

  • SA380-TX
  • RCM Sensors


CENTRIX: Predictive Analytics Platform

CENTRIX is our mature yet continuously evolving predictive analytics platform, designed to alert maintainers with advanced notice of imminent equipment failure, while also providing the history of maintenance on every component failure.



SA380-TX Digital Storage Oscilloscope

Our field-based data acquisition equipment is a compact, multi-channel, AREMA compliant, digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) capable of independently measuring dozens of data channels. The DSO acts as an edge processor, ensuring comprehensive data collection, but allowing only critical data to be communicated to the CENTRIX platform. Bottom Line: Our Remote Condition Monitoring solution will provide your railroad with actionable information to keep trains running on time.



RCM Sensors

SA380-IT Isolation Module

Power supply devices are one of the most critical part of the rail operation – they should have an equally critical part in the Remote Condition Monitoring strategy for any rail company. Our product – the SA380-IT Ground Fault Detector – enables off-site long-term trending and supervision of power supply assets allowing you to plan, predict, and prevent failures. The SA380-IT Ground Fault Detector is designed to facilitate the continuous monitoring of resistance to earth of up to five independent circuits.


Track Circuit Monitor (VTi-21)

VTi-21 has been designed for the monitoring of railway assets that require high-speed sampling and/or multiple input channels.


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